Unexpected Amount Of Fans Come To Support The Mega Racing Event

Tour de France this year started in the city of Yorkshire.
This 21 stages race was to see the first 3 stage being organised in England. The Britain has been one of the biggest forces. The British cycle manufacturers have made specially designed cycles which can produce results worth enjoying. But these cycles never got the riders as the people from the country never were interested in racing. The current interest among the people of England has been gifted with one of the best teams in the mega event. The Team sky is one of the best teams that will be taking part in the mega event. The current tour de France saw a grand opening and it was expected by the organizers that the people from around the nation will come to witness this grand cycling event.

The FIFA world cup entered the final stages of the tournament yet the organisers believed in people gathering across. It was proved by the people of Britain as more than a million people gathered on the track to witness this mega event. As the two stages came to an end the organisers were happy with the amount of people who came to witness this grand event. The streets of the Yorkshire experienced a huge festival like experience. People gathered around and celebrated this mega event while supporting the 198 riders taking part in the race. The sky team saw a major amount of support as it was a home team and defending champion Chris Froome got special support. The race now moves on to the final stage of the British leg and the organisers believe that a larger amount fans will be gathered in London to witness the last stage of this grand event. In total 2 million fans were estimated to gather during the first three stages.