The Recent Model Of 3T Cycling Exploro

Those who are road cyclists will be familiar with the name Gerard Vroomen.

This is a name that is popular with a bike company, formed by him and Cervelo that was initially started as a workshop in a Canadian university campus. Here the recent model of 3T Cycling Exploro team bike is reviewed and how the design of the bike came to originate.

It is part of the gravel bike family whose designs is still in an evolutionary stage. MTB bike designs are infused with road wheels that give the Exploro a unique design. Vroomen has always been fascinated with aerodynamics and as a result, he has been responsible for coming up with bikes that have aero road features. The bike designs can be traced to the late eighties when Vroomen started to design vehicles powered by human strength in the Netherlands. Since then, it was in 1995 that the first aerodynamic bike design was launched.

The bike body made of aluminum alloy gives the aerodynamic features while the frameset is robust, stiff yet lightweight.

Hence, it is perfect for withstanding hours of training and days of professional races. The Exploro has its frames made of carbon fiber, which provides good clearance to the tires. There is the option of using different wheel sizes. The rear triangle has asymmetrical chain stays and seat stays that are slender. This design strategy allows good tire clearance. The tires are designed such that they drag less as compared to road bikes due to round tubing and the width of the tires. Many might think that a new aero gravel design has been devised and the slogan to go slow faster means that one would see less mud splattered by the tires and the lightweight design of the bikes. On the whole, this Exploro bike is worth trying its performance on gravel paths.