Schleck To Make A Comeback

Andy Schleck has finally made a statement and what the statement says should be a good one for all the other cyclists. He has said that the worst that could happen is behind him now. But the season for 2014 will be different and he will be back with his best performance ever.

According to reports he has said that he wants to make his comeback at the Tour de France and he wants to arrive in yellow at Champs-Elysees. In an interview earlier Andy also added that so far there has been results which were not quite satisfying and in fact some of them were very unexpected but this year it will be different.

The training staff and his team has stood by him and even they said that the amount of hard work that he is doing and the training that he is going through regularly will be definitely be fruitful for him and for the entire team this year.

When asked about the crash he met earlier he said that people will definitely understand how tough it has been for him after the crash. It is not that you feel really good when there is a crash. The great rider also said that he was in tears on his bike and was so frustrated that he started crying and he thought that his career has ended after the crash.

But the doctors did their best to get him off the hooks and he tried to make his comeback at the Tour of Beijing. However due to some unforeseen circumstances he could not make it but this time he is pretty confident that he will be making a mark and come what may he would not go down. So he is all optimistic about 2014 and hopes for the best.