Robbie Mcewen And His Opinions

Canberra cyclist Michael Matthew’s met a crash this year that let him to a failure for this time’s Tour De France dream. However, Robbie Mcewen, the Aussie sprint king has a high opinion of Mathews the Canberra cyclist. He thinks that although Mathews dream was ruined this year he shall have a big year the next year. He also thinks that Mathews shall bag a national title as well as stage wins in some of the biggest races.
Mathews had suffered a crash during his training just before some days of the Tour de France because of which he could not make his debut in the big event. Robbie has thought that it might be a very positive thing for Mathews future. He thinks that Mathew shall be able to train in the off-season and be all set for the races and big events in the coming year.
After Mathews recovered from the injury and got back on the tracks for the Vuelta a Espana and won that stage. It is a stage that is among the top three grand races and Mathews with pride has held on to hide leader’s jersey for the three days. Robbie has told that it was good for Mathews that he had got such a great start already by winning the stage at Vuelta. He also said that Mathews could very well focus on making his debut for the coming year’s Tour De France. He said that since he could not make it this despite of beng in such a good form that upsetting thought would push him harder every time he would train. He said that it would motivate him and he will have something to work for and look forward to.
It will be like a huge goal that he needs to achieve. He also believes that when you have got a setback and need to prove a point being motivated becomes easier.