Parlee ESX: The New Aero Road Bike

This new bike from the Carbon fibre king of USA is priced at 10000 pounds. The frameset of this bike is also available at $5500. People who have used a Parlee before already know that they are reputed for being lightweight and are custom made in USA.
This bike is very fast and smooth but the only problem is its price. The EXS parlee is the first bike made by the company that has an aero design and isn’t available for fully custom made options because if so, it would become too expensive. Parlee offers a wide range of height and length options and so what you get is a number of frame sizes. There are so many varieties of sizes that it even matches to a great extent with the Parlee Z-Zero frame that is always made custom designed.

The founder of the company, Bob Parlee informed that it is the ultimate goal of the company to manufacture more road bikes that are aerodynamic which will still have the signature character of a Parlee ride. The carbon bikes they make have the lightness of carbon and the look of steel or titanium. The companies like Felt, Giant and Lapierre have also made aero machines but the ESX from Parlee is a whole new league.

Any bike that has 303 wheels, SRAM red 22 and SL kit and a close ratio of 53/39 with a 11-26 drivetrain is bound to feel very rapid. The handles have the balance and stability factor that lets you punch on the pedals but also maintain a very high speed on terrains that are flat but rolling. The feel of this bike is both snappy and reactive due to the technical awesomeness of the bike.

The ESX is pitch perfect even on the steep climbs as it has a weight of 6.5 kg all in all.