Froome Worried Over Cobbled 2014 Tour

Reigning Tour France champion Chris Froome has raised concerns over the newly declared route of Tour de France 2014. It’s the 9 cobbled sections spanning the 5th stage of the Tour that has evoked worries among the cyclists.

As per the sources, the Tour France 2014 route will be hosted at Yorkshire Dales & follow one single time-trial. In spite of lack of hurdles against the time, the Tour route seems to be suitable for Froome but the Team Sky leader is especially tensed about cycling on cobbles.

The 5th stage of the route appears to be really tricky with its 9 cobbled stretches & it’s the 1st time the Tour riders would have to cover such a notorious section since the year 2010. Froome is worried that the difficult track might derail him from the race even before he gets to reach up to the mountains- which is considered a natural habitat for the reigning Tour France winner.

“Uncertainty is an unavoidable aspect of this competition”, stated Christian Prudhomme, the Tour director while suggesting that these cobbled sections might turn the 5th stage to a lottery. “It won’t be sensible to bypass the cobbles as we pass through northern part of France.”

Froome has hinted that he won’t be alone in dislike for cobbles. “If you are aware of any cyclist who is fond of cobbles, tell me”, he told the reporters. “For me, these cobbles simply represent risks that might result in something wrong or mechanical failure but in regards to the race, I feel these cobbles make it more interesting- something else which we need to prep us for & hopefully it can be something we can aspire to take advantage of.”

Froome has got his team’s sports director (Mr. Nicolas portal) in his support who defended him saying that the Sky leader is deft enough to ensure a smart handling of his bike.