Cavendish scores his 4th 2013 Giro d’ Italia stage win

Mark Cavendish continued with his great form of 2013 as he soared to the finish line at the Giro d Italia scoring his fourth win in the race, which according to many experts was the hardest finish of all the 14 stages that Cavendish had won at Giro d’ Italia.
Cavendish’s win followed a chaotic finale where the Manxman Omega Pharma Quickstep team lost out of legs near the finishing line after they had already covered a stretch of 140kms during the day. Even 70kms away from the finish, Cavendish was prominent, quite early according to his standard but it was not surprising as this was the fourth sprint finish in all the 13 stages.

Cavendish’s team had to throttle back on the climbs so that he could work his strength favorably and his teammates were clearly not coping up too well with the change of tempo that Cavendish manifested. During the final breakaway, it was touch and go and Giampaolo Caruso of Italy chased down 1. 5 kilometers out. After the shoulders clashed, Cavendish was eighth of the string. So, Cavendish had no other option but to sprint earlier than his usual standard if he wanted to avoid getting trapped as the riders in front of him made their efforts.

After the race Cavendish said, “I had already said I did not want to participate in the sprint as it was a long stage which long climbs but my team manager asked to team to ride anyways. My teammates gave their 100% and after that I gave my last bit to win the race. I can do miracles when the team has this kind of immense trust and confidence in me”.

While Cavendish raced home to a victory, Bradley Wiggins flew back home to Lancashire and this gives the others a better shot at the podium.