The Stigmata cyclocross manufactured by Santa Cruz has been designed so as to sport some cool and classy looks.

Santa Cruz as a brand, has been able to garner a huge reputation in Mountain biking. Some of its machines have been ridden by Steve Peat, multiple downhill world champion, and by Danny MacAskill as well.

The frame of Santa Cruz’s new Stigmata has been designed to be all angles with boxy sections. Its seat tube sports a square sectioned look.

The bike sports a low weight, thus making it an easy one to carry comfortably. It comes with a PF30 bottom bracket which makes it the first bike manufactured by Santa Cruz to be fitted with such.

All cables used in the bike were set to run internally, so as to avoid entangling your legs. There are also front and rear thru-axles on the bike.

Two bottle cages have also been attached to the bike, in the event of longer off-the road rides.

Considering off-road geometry, the Stigmata does well as it is easy to handle on several kinds of surfaces, be it mud, potholes, puddles, farm tracks, etc.

The rim and the tyre combination used by Santa Cruz helps its handling better to a large percentage.

Once it has been set properly, the rival groupset shifted smoothly. One issue with PF30 bottom brackets is that they could be temperamental at times.

Also, there was a tendency for the chain to spill out and wedge down between the chainset and the steel frame protector plate. For racers, this could be very frustrating.
For use in mixed terrains, the Stigmata is a great option.

It also is quite comfortable for extended off-road rides. However, in a race situation, a chain retention device might be needed in order to keep it running for longer periods without pulling out.