When it comes to sport bikes, many factors should be considered when determining the most suitable.

The Campagnolo Potenza is perhaps the ideal sport bike as it incorporates, good looks, quality, and shift precision into its frame that translates to a wonderful riding experience.

However, despite the amazing features with which the Italian cycle is made, it is not without faults, as the bike’s chain seems to need a specific tool to function. Nevertheless, if you desire a midrange group set that comes with an organic and connected feel, the Campagnolo is the bike you want.

Being the fourth in line from the Campagnolo super record and the chorus mechanical groupsets, the Potenza has been manufactured with great care and finesse. It benefits from the trickle-down technology of its predecessors. Its frame is crafted from fine aluminum and other parts of its rear derailleur and lever bodies are constructed from what the manufacturers have called a technopolymer, which is a plastic of polymeric origin that is reinforced and strengthened with carbon fiber.

No doubt, the Campagnolo Potenza is really high tech for a race bike. For those riders who are familiar with the Campagnolo. The Potenza’s lever comes with a similar level of ergonomics, but in this model, the horn is more rounded and the hood is equipped with new and improved Varicuchion hoods to improve grip and provide more vibration absorption when plying rough terrains.

The improvement made to the Potenza is not limited to the handling properties alone; it comes with alloy brake levers with composite shift levers. In a successful attempt to improve the bike’s downshift and enable it work with a larger ratio of cassettes, the bike has an aluminum front derailleur steel caged that is shaped to this effect.

Another amazing feature is its rear derailleur, which comes with reduced spacing between the upper jockey wheel and the cassette sprockets, thus providing a better transfer and causing less wear.