The Recent Model Of 3T Cycling Exploro

Those who are road cyclists will be familiar with the name Gerard Vroomen.

This is a name that is popular with a bike company, formed by him and Cervelo that was initially started as a workshop in a Canadian university campus. Here the recent model of 3T Cycling Exploro team bike is reviewed and how the design of the bike came to originate.

It is part of the gravel bike family whose designs is still in an evolutionary stage. MTB bike designs are infused with road wheels that give the Exploro a unique design. Vroomen has always been fascinated with aerodynamics and as a result, he has been responsible for coming up with bikes that have aero road features. The bike designs can be traced to the late eighties when Vroomen started to design vehicles powered by human strength in the Netherlands. Since then, it was in 1995 that the first aerodynamic bike design was launched.

The bike body made of aluminum alloy gives the aerodynamic features while the frameset is robust, stiff yet lightweight.

Hence, it is perfect for withstanding hours of training and days of professional races. The Exploro has its frames made of carbon fiber, which provides good clearance to the tires. There is the option of using different wheel sizes. The rear triangle has asymmetrical chain stays and seat stays that are slender. This design strategy allows good tire clearance. The tires are designed such that they drag less as compared to road bikes due to round tubing and the width of the tires. Many might think that a new aero gravel design has been devised and the slogan to go slow faster means that one would see less mud splattered by the tires and the lightweight design of the bikes. On the whole, this Exploro bike is worth trying its performance on gravel paths.


The Stigmata cyclocross manufactured by Santa Cruz has been designed so as to sport some cool and classy looks.

Santa Cruz as a brand, has been able to garner a huge reputation in Mountain biking. Some of its machines have been ridden by Steve Peat, multiple downhill world champion, and by Danny MacAskill as well.

The frame of Santa Cruz’s new Stigmata has been designed to be all angles with boxy sections. Its seat tube sports a square sectioned look.

The bike sports a low weight, thus making it an easy one to carry comfortably. It comes with a PF30 bottom bracket which makes it the first bike manufactured by Santa Cruz to be fitted with such.

All cables used in the bike were set to run internally, so as to avoid entangling your legs. There are also front and rear thru-axles on the bike.

Two bottle cages have also been attached to the bike, in the event of longer off-the road rides.

Considering off-road geometry, the Stigmata does well as it is easy to handle on several kinds of surfaces, be it mud, potholes, puddles, farm tracks, etc.

The rim and the tyre combination used by Santa Cruz helps its handling better to a large percentage.

Once it has been set properly, the rival groupset shifted smoothly. One issue with PF30 bottom brackets is that they could be temperamental at times.

Also, there was a tendency for the chain to spill out and wedge down between the chainset and the steel frame protector plate. For racers, this could be very frustrating.
For use in mixed terrains, the Stigmata is a great option.

It also is quite comfortable for extended off-road rides. However, in a race situation, a chain retention device might be needed in order to keep it running for longer periods without pulling out.


When it comes to sport bikes, many factors should be considered when determining the most suitable.

The Campagnolo Potenza is perhaps the ideal sport bike as it incorporates, good looks, quality, and shift precision into its frame that translates to a wonderful riding experience.

However, despite the amazing features with which the Italian cycle is made, it is not without faults, as the bike’s chain seems to need a specific tool to function. Nevertheless, if you desire a midrange group set that comes with an organic and connected feel, the Campagnolo is the bike you want.

Being the fourth in line from the Campagnolo super record and the chorus mechanical groupsets, the Potenza has been manufactured with great care and finesse. It benefits from the trickle-down technology of its predecessors. Its frame is crafted from fine aluminum and other parts of its rear derailleur and lever bodies are constructed from what the manufacturers have called a technopolymer, which is a plastic of polymeric origin that is reinforced and strengthened with carbon fiber.

No doubt, the Campagnolo Potenza is really high tech for a race bike. For those riders who are familiar with the Campagnolo. The Potenza’s lever comes with a similar level of ergonomics, but in this model, the horn is more rounded and the hood is equipped with new and improved Varicuchion hoods to improve grip and provide more vibration absorption when plying rough terrains.

The improvement made to the Potenza is not limited to the handling properties alone; it comes with alloy brake levers with composite shift levers. In a successful attempt to improve the bike’s downshift and enable it work with a larger ratio of cassettes, the bike has an aluminum front derailleur steel caged that is shaped to this effect.

Another amazing feature is its rear derailleur, which comes with reduced spacing between the upper jockey wheel and the cassette sprockets, thus providing a better transfer and causing less wear.

Cycling Canada collaborates with Blade Carbon Wheels

Cycling Canada is all set to collaborate with Blade Carbon Wheels as a wheel supplier for the National Team road projects in the year 2016 and after that.

A Canadian firm based in Barrie, Ontario, Blade makes and distributes a grand range of hand-built full carbon fibre as well as carbon alloy wheels for track and road cycling markets.

Blade’s 50 mm carbon clincher wheels that got UCI certification in 2015, would be utilized by Canada’s National Team event and other Cycling Canada road development programs. Jacques Landry, the Cycling Canada High Performance Director, said that support from Canadian firms in the cycling industry is very crucial to the property of Cycling Canada’s national team events. Thanks to the products these companies donate, their athletes and other support staff benefit from having access to top-quality equipment and their frees up critical resources that could be better spent in other areas.

Blade Carbon Wheels’ President Rob Milligan said that they are excited about their new partnership with the Canadian Cycling Team. As a Canadian company, they are proud of their athletes and look forward to working with them to reach their targets and wish all team members the best for the 2016 cycling season.

Along with supplying wheels for use by National Cycling Team, Blade has set up an online promo offer that would raise stocks for Cycling Canada. When buying a set of Blade wheels use promotional code “Cycling Canada” and gets US$ 50 off your purchase.

Alexander Kristoff Triumphs At Tour Flanders

Great news for the fans of Alexander Kristoff- the bright Katusha rider out-sprinted Terpstra (Niki) to emerge as the Tour Flanders champion this year.

However, Geraint Thomas, one of the much speculated favourites of the race, unfortunately faded in the last finishing kilometers of the race and ended up with the 14th position.

Kristoff & Niki escaped from the pool of favorites in the last 8 kms & held on till the finish at Oudenaarde post surviving a series of sharp late climbs. The Katusha rider comfortably rode clear in last 200m of the race, claiming his 2nd win in a Monument race. It has been a fantastic season for him so far and the Flanders win marked his 10th victory in this ongoing season.

Greg Avermaet from BMC Racing came up in the 3rd position while Niki was in the 2nd place. Sir Wiggins suffered a bad crash early in the race that bogged him down temporarily with a wrist pain but again he was able to finish the race in 9 minutes 17 seconds in the 87th position.

Kristoff first ever Monument win was last year’s Milan-San Remo.

“I’m really glad to win the race”, stated the thrilled winner.

“It was one of my biggest dreams & one among my major goals this very season & I have been able to fulfill it.”

‘Yes, I did come with Niki”, he continued. “But certainly he did not wish to work in the final stage with me. I feel that I could have beaten him still & I am really glad with my victory. It’s a fantastic feeling. Terpstra went & I am aware that he is one among the dangerous-most guys & I followed.”

Unfortunately, Tour Flanders started with a slightly bitter mood this year given 2 bad crashes wit neutral cars.

Alberto To Retire After 2016

Legendary Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has reportedly revealed his plans of retirement recently. As per the reports, the Tour France champ would be hanging his boots by the final quarter of 2016.

The 32-year-old would be competing in Giro Italia & Tour France with his long-standing squad Tinkoff-Saxo. “I am planning to retire in my top form”, stated Contador stressing on retiring with grace.

“I would be certainly riding this year and have plans to contend next year as well. Albeit I can’t confirm it firmly now yet I feel that 2016 would be my final year. I do not see myself contending beyond 2016.”

“I do not intend to place some exact date regarding my retirement as several things might happen in between. What if I crash down in 2016 Tour France? No, I won’t prefer to retire that way but at this very moment I do not plan to contend for over 2 years.”

Alberto is one among the 6 riders who have triumphed at all 3 Grand Tours- Tour France, Giro & Vuelta Espana. The erstwhile Astana cyclist has had lots of highs throughout his remarkable career which has catapulted him to a iconic status among cyclists of all times. However, there is a black spot which was the result if his 2-year ban given a doping issue that even stripped him off his Tour France 2010 & Giro 2011 titles.

The Spaniard got back to racing in full vigor in the year 2012 & triumphed at Vuelta Espana that very year. He won his 3rd Vuelta in 2014.

“I feel really good”, stated Contador. “I recover quite well physically from great training & I am pretty enthusiastic & glad with the squad around me. I am planning to contend at Giro & Tour & I do not wish to stand 2nd at any of these.”

Owain Doull To Join Sir Bradley

Welsh rider Owain Doull has reportedly turned down contract with famous European squad Europcar to join up with 2012 Tour de France champ Sir Bradley Wiggins’ soon-to-be-declared outfit.

The Cardiff rider had been to be the 1st British cyclist to represent an elite French squad since Hunt (Jeremy) raced in 2008 with Crédit Agricole.

However, prior to the UCI World Track at London Olympic velodrome, the 21-year-old star shared that he had finally took it to ride “somewhere else” that he deems would help to advance his career further.

It was understood that the Welsh rider would be joining up with the 2012 British Olympic gold medalist who is to formally announce his squad shortly that would involve a great host of endurance rider from GB in build-up for 2016 Rio Olympics.

The 36-year-old British cycling legend has this plat to finalize his illustrious riding career on a golden note with Brazil team pursuit.

“I won’t be riding for Europcar in 2015”, said Owain. “It was about to happen yet I took this decision to ride somewhere else. It’s because I feel it to be a much better decision for my future and my development in coming few years.”

“Definitely I am looking forward to become a pro”, he continued. “But I fee maybe a squad such as Europcar might not be the best portal to go for if you are not sure that you are ready. So, yes I decided to wait till another year.”
Wiggins’ newly founded squad is speculated to take part in at Continental UCI with Team Sky backup, the very team for which Bradley won the Tour France winner jersey two years back.

“It is pretty merged with Brit Cycling & I feel the ultimate goal of Team Wiggins is to have everyone into team pursuiting to get into best shape possible for the Rio event in 2016”, Doull remarked while speaking on Wiggins’ squad.

Astana WorldTour Riding License Under UCI Review

Team Astana’s WorldTour riding license to come under review by UCI- International Cycling Union have declared that they would be scanning the license of the team following the dope test failure of 3 Astana riders last August.

Maxim & Valentin Iglinskiy were the two among the 3 Astana riders who tested positive last August for banned blood-boosting dug EPO. Moreover, trainee rider Ilya Davidenok has also shown positive results revealing steroids consumption late August this year.

Team Astana already have their WorldTour 2015 license but International Cycling Union have further requested them to appear at their License Commission soon for a thorough assessment of the ethical criteria of the license.

“This follows serious concerns arising from the very fact that a couple of Astana cyclists Maxim & Valentin Iglinskiy have lately shown positive test results for EPO & the very notice this time that Davidenok (llya) has returned adverse analytical revelation for androgenic anabolic steroids in the sample gathered at l’Avenir Tour on August 28, 2014”, read a recent statement from UCI.

“According to UCI rules, it’s expected that Astana would come up before our License Commission soon for a thorough assessment of their compliance level in accordance to ethical criteria to ensure proper application of needed measures.”

The honorable License Commission is to decide whether & by what extent Astana or/and the team management can be held responsible for the recent unethical events. UCI won’t be commenting further currently.”

Astana suspended themselves- voluntarily- from Beijing Tour following the positive dope results of Iglinskiy in compliance with regulations of Movement for Credible Cycling, where they hold their membership.”

Alexandre Vinokourov, the squad manager, expressed “deep disappointment” over the 2 failed doping tests & announced to launch internal investigation soon. Interestingly, Vinokourov himself is an ex doper.

Robbie Mcewen And His Opinions

Canberra cyclist Michael Matthew’s met a crash this year that let him to a failure for this time’s Tour De France dream. However, Robbie Mcewen, the Aussie sprint king has a high opinion of Mathews the Canberra cyclist. He thinks that although Mathews dream was ruined this year he shall have a big year the next year. He also thinks that Mathews shall bag a national title as well as stage wins in some of the biggest races.
Mathews had suffered a crash during his training just before some days of the Tour de France because of which he could not make his debut in the big event. Robbie has thought that it might be a very positive thing for Mathews future. He thinks that Mathew shall be able to train in the off-season and be all set for the races and big events in the coming year.
After Mathews recovered from the injury and got back on the tracks for the Vuelta a Espana and won that stage. It is a stage that is among the top three grand races and Mathews with pride has held on to hide leader’s jersey for the three days. Robbie has told that it was good for Mathews that he had got such a great start already by winning the stage at Vuelta. He also said that Mathews could very well focus on making his debut for the coming year’s Tour De France. He said that since he could not make it this despite of beng in such a good form that upsetting thought would push him harder every time he would train. He said that it would motivate him and he will have something to work for and look forward to.
It will be like a huge goal that he needs to achieve. He also believes that when you have got a setback and need to prove a point being motivated becomes easier.

Parlee ESX: The New Aero Road Bike

This new bike from the Carbon fibre king of USA is priced at 10000 pounds. The frameset of this bike is also available at $5500. People who have used a Parlee before already know that they are reputed for being lightweight and are custom made in USA.
This bike is very fast and smooth but the only problem is its price. The EXS parlee is the first bike made by the company that has an aero design and isn’t available for fully custom made options because if so, it would become too expensive. Parlee offers a wide range of height and length options and so what you get is a number of frame sizes. There are so many varieties of sizes that it even matches to a great extent with the Parlee Z-Zero frame that is always made custom designed.

The founder of the company, Bob Parlee informed that it is the ultimate goal of the company to manufacture more road bikes that are aerodynamic which will still have the signature character of a Parlee ride. The carbon bikes they make have the lightness of carbon and the look of steel or titanium. The companies like Felt, Giant and Lapierre have also made aero machines but the ESX from Parlee is a whole new league.

Any bike that has 303 wheels, SRAM red 22 and SL kit and a close ratio of 53/39 with a 11-26 drivetrain is bound to feel very rapid. The handles have the balance and stability factor that lets you punch on the pedals but also maintain a very high speed on terrains that are flat but rolling. The feel of this bike is both snappy and reactive due to the technical awesomeness of the bike.

The ESX is pitch perfect even on the steep climbs as it has a weight of 6.5 kg all in all.